Though the company was established in 2010 as a General Contractor with a Category “A” License issued by Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, to undertake Government projects however its management and stakeholders have already been in construction of private sector owned projects for more than 25 years.

The company has a diverse portfolio of completed projects such as, Ports and Harbors, Dredging and Reclamations, Pile Driving, Soil Stabilization, Steel and Concrete Sheet Piling, Concrete Batching Plants and concreting works, Foundation Work.

Other successfully completed projects consist of Road construction, both concrete and asphalt pavements. Bridges, School buildings, Rehabilitation of existing ports and harbors both under and above water, to name a few.

The company makes every effort to achieve high quality in construction projects through advanced technology and innovative techniques with highly trained engineers and technicians.

OPELL Construction and Development Corporation’s commitment is to meet the customer’s demands such as but not limited to, on-time delivery, cash flow management and work quality.

Some of Our Projects ;