OPELL CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION offers a comprehensive range of construction works in the following field:


  • Construction of Roads, Bridges, Concrete and Asphalt Pavements, Dikes, Railways, Runways, Airport Terminal & Horizontal Structures
  • Construction of Irrigation and Flood Control Projects
  • Construction of Dam, Reservoir and Tunneling
  • Construction of Power Plants & Transmission Lines
  • Construction of Extensive Water Supply System
  • Construction of Ports , Harbor and Offshore Engineering Works
  • Sheet Piling, Dredging and Reclamation and Pile Driving
  • Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete and concreting works, Concrete Piles and Pre-stressed Electric Concrete Poles
  • Marine and Water Fronts Projects , Breasting Islands and Mooring Dolphins

B. General Building

  • Construction of Industrial Plant
  • Construction of Sewage of Sewerage Treatment/ Disposal Plant
  • Construction of Water Treatment Plant and System
  • Construction of Playground and Recreational Facilities

C. Other

  • Site DevelopmentĀ 
  • Urban Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Electro Mechanical Works